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The HSTE Project is a Project Based Learning experience for all students enrolled in Health Science Technology Education classes at Hereford High School. The HSTE Project was started during the school year.

The HSTE Project concept is to actively engage students in their particular course of study of Health Science Technology Education using Project Based Learning precepts of working together and collaborating in order to produce the desired outcome, real, measurable learning that directly results from the use of the technology to answer to a question, series of questions, or a concept by obtaining expert advise from practicing health care professionals.

Students collaborate here in in The HSTE Project Wikispace and The HSTE Project Ning Secure Educational Network.

The HSTE Project will challenge students and attempt to tap into their innovation and creativity by allowing them to take an active part in the development of this project. If we took a look at the ITSE's Educational Technology Standards for Students published in 2007 we see a basic framework for what the HSTE Project will attempt to accomplish during the course of the year with respect to integrating technology along with the study of Health Science Technology Education in the classroom.

Students will initially start developing their project by analyzing the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for the following courses:


Students will then seek out health care professionals, both in the local community and elsewhere by using technology and Web 2.0 tools, to to obtain answers to their questions. Students will then take the responses they have obtained and post these responses to the various HSTE Project webpages and wikis to share their findings with other students enrolled in their classes and others who are interested in the study Health Science Technology through the worldwide web.

When students have collected their material, they will begin posting to our secure class HSTE Project Ning Educational Network website and make entries here at our secure class wikispaces pages. Students will establish a Personal Learning Environment or PLE by setting up their own Netvibes page which essentially is an RSS Reader . This is where students may receive updates on HSTE Project activities.

Students may choose many different formats to publish their findings such as Podcasts, Webpages, Auido or Video files and then will post these on approved Web 2.0 applications.

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Additional HSTE Project Information

For more information please visit the HSTE Project Description wikispace or The HSTE Project Blog .