Please use a piece of notebook paper to complete this assignment.

Please label your paper:

Your Name, Health Science, Period # (your class period)

I would like for you to tell me about what you would like to become in the Health Care field when you finish high school or graduate from college. Using the Hot Jobs website or magazine that is in our classroom, look at all of the different Health Care Careers and find one that you are most interested in. Then please handwrite what it is that interests you in this career.

Write at least the front and back of the page to complete this assignment.

You will do this assignment for TWO different Healthcare jobs.

2nd Part of this assignment:

You will need to choose either Microsoft Word or Apple Pages and type what you have previously written from you research from the Hot Jobs magazine, website or any other resources. On your typewritten assignments, it will need to be 1 full typewritten page using a 12. point font. You will upload your file in Wikispaces

We will show your Wikispaces at a later time.

3rd Part of this assignment:

Taking both of the Healthcare careers that you wrote about, type each in a separate file in either Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. Once you have finished that, we will upload both papers into Wikispaces.