Student Code of Conduct for The HSTE Project - Internet Based Courses


As a student in the HSTE Project at Hereford High School, your conduct in the classroom and on-line (Internet classes) will be expected to conform to those acceptable standards for all students as described in this student code of conduct. All HSTE Project students are encouraged to read and follow the guidelines as outlined in the Digital Citizenship Wikispace page . Unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to the following:

The use of threatening, harassing, sexually explicit language or discriminatory language or conduct that violates state and federal law and the Hereford ISD policy on sexual harassment or discrimination;

Unauthorized posting or transmitting sexually explicit images or other content that is deemed by Hereford ISD, or any administrator, or teacher of a course published utilizing the HSTE Project web pages or other online software to be offensive;

Conduct that constitutes fraudulent behavior as enumerated in state and federal statutes; disruptive behavior on-line or off-line;

Vandalism, or any other violation of the Hereford ISD policies. Particular attention should be given to HISD policy on academic dishonesty, which includes plagiarism or otherwise representing others' work as your own.

All HISD students are subject to the same consequences for violations of district policy. They include sanctions and consequences for infractions that are outlined in the HISD Acceptable use of Internet & Network policy and the district policy on web publishing recommendations .

Students will be required to have a signed parent permission form to participate in The HSTE Project prior to creating any blogs, wikispace entries, or identities on any of our webspaces such as our HSTE Project Ning Educational Network , or the HSTE Project Blog at 21 classes .

Students will develop their online identities using only their first name and the first initial of their last name or by using their first name and the first initial of their last name. Students under the age of 18 must uese an avatar to represent themselves. Students over the age of 18, may choose to use an avatar or a picture to represent themselves.

Students will not be allowed to reveal their true names, age, home address, email address, telephone number (home or cell number), myspace or facebook profiles or any other online identities developed to participate in the HSTE Project to anyone. Collaboration with our HSTE Parters will be limited to here, our HSTE Project Wikispace or the HSTE Project Ning. Students should not try to contact any HSTE Project Partner unless approved in advance by the teacher. Any such contact will have to be supervised in order to protect your identity and to provide for your safety.

Students participating in the HSTE Project may be using a different identity or a different name it is important that you not misrepresent yourself. You should not be masquerading as people other than who you are. Don't represent yourself as someone just to deceive someone. Remember, your profile is your online identity. You wouldn't want to do something under this identity that you would be ashamed of.

All HSTE Project students are hereby notified that these documents, available online and in print, serve to alert them to their rights and responsibilities, and the district's obligations.

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