Ning Website

You will be working a lot in our Ning website the HSTE Project Ning. You will first need to log on to the Ning and create your profile with an avatar instead of a real picture of yourself like we did in Moodle.

Guidleines for Setting Up Your Profile in the Ning.

  • Log in and create your account
  • Update your profile with your real name, an avatar not a real picture of yourself
  • Please do not put any personal information such as your age, birthday, phone number, address, email address
  • Please make a comment introducting yourself to the Ning Network telling them who you are and what interests you in the Health Care field
  • Please remember not to use IM Speak, but proper English

The HSTE Project Ning is where most of your online collaboration will occur. Withing this secure educational network, you will be able to collaborate with your classmates and other members of the HSTE Project.