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Pictures of Different Medical Symbols
We are doing our wiki on the history of medical symbols. We don't know much about this, but we think they came along when preople learned that there needed to be warnings and signs to allow people to learn and know about what they stood for. The symbols are used to represent something or someone in the medical field. It is there to let people know about it. Like the sign for a hospital allows people to know where it is and what it is.

I think the history of medical symbols are awesome. There are over one hundred symbols. It's pretty cool cause somone might have the fever and there is a specific symbol for it. The symbols are used to represent things that people need to know.

I think that the medical symbols are important because if a accident happens you could know where the clinic or hospital is.

We are working on putting medical symbols on the wiki space pages as a team. What we are supposed to do is put all of ths history on medical symbols on our team page. Our team leader is Jasmine.

The history of medical symbols. I think people, smart people made these up to explain medical things. They probably wanted to use symbols
Medical Symbols
to explain things better. It had to have been a very smart person to make up these things.

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