On Tuesday, March 23, 2010 President Barack Obama signed into law the Health Care Bill. It will effect every American. The Hereford High School Health Technology students will research the parts of the Health Care Law and draw their own conclusions. These high school students will try to understand how this law will affect them and their families. They may come to the conclusion that they may be for or against the overall the law, or they may be for or against certain parts of the law.

Many Americans have very strong feelings either supporting the new law or opposing the law. Some Americans support the law. Some, such as Attorneys General from 14 States have filed lawsuits against the Federal Government challenging the law as unconstitutional. In these web pages, the students will explore major components of the law.

The purpose of the Health Care Law Web Page Research is not necessarily to support or oppose the Health Care Law, but rather it is to allow students to develop their own conclusions based upon their opinions they reach as a part of their research. Individual conclusions and opinions will be respected and discussed as a part of the class at the end of this assignment.

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