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Welcome to the HSTE Project Partners Page


Thank you for your interest in becoming a HSTE Project Partner. We welcome Health Care Professionals, Technology Professionals, Educators and others interested in helping our students learn about their study of Health Science and Technology.

Whether you are practicing in Hereford, Texas, The Texas Panhandle, The United States or somewhere outside of the United States we would look forward to hearing your insight on medical issues, technology or current events as they affect your practice of health care or your profession.

The key for making the HSTE Project successful will be the participation of Health Care Professionals, and other Professionals who will be willing, over the course of the school year, to help our Health Science Technology students discover the answers to various questions or concepts in their course of study.

I realize that if you are a practicing Health Care Provider that you are busy with your practice and that your time is valuable. We will try not to burden you with many too requests for information, unless you are willing to add multiple submissions. We would greatly appreciate you even if you just want to give our students just a few answers to their questions.

A note about Internet Safety

As every school district does, we are serious about protecting our students whenever they participate online. Having said that, I am going to ask anyone that is not a student to please, when you sign up here on our wikispace and especially on our HSTE Project Ning that if you would use your real name not a pseudonym, handle or other online persona other than who you really are. Also, if you would please send me an email with your contact information. Finally, if you would place a picture of yourself on your Ning profile page rather than an avatar it would give our students the opportunity to see who you are and who the faces of health care really are.

All Students:
All students who are under the age of 18 will be categorized as students and should use a computer generated avatar as their member image. We strongly encourage students to remove their date of birth from their profile. This can be accomplished by going to the My Settings link on the site. Please make sure you have parental permission to join this social networking site.

All HSTE Partners:
Blog postings, submitted videos and all content should be related to the HSTE Project. Please keep your dialog and discussion appropriate for all audience members. I would also ask that we limit our collaborations to either here on our wikispaces pages or our secure HSTE Project Ning site. Students will be advised not to attempt to contact any HSTE Partner outside of these webpages without my knowledge and prior approval. Once again, safety and protecting our students is our highest priority of this project.

Although we will start work on The HSTE Project when school starts in August, most of our initial contacts with our HSTE Health Care Partners will start in mid October. At that time, students will have started to become familiar the Web 2.0 tools we will be working with and will be ready to start collaborating in earnest and setting up "interviews" with the health care professionals and will start building our Careers in Health Care WebPages.

Collaboration, Publishing and Web 2.0 Applications

Students will be looking for a variety of ways of publishing their work using Web 2.0 applications . It would be helpful if you were comfortable with or were able to use some of those applications. You may visit the Web 2.0 Tools wikispace that was created to list and explain what applications are available to our students.


Additionally, it would be helpful if you were able to periodically communicate with me by email, Skype , Yahoo Messenger , AOL Instant Messenger or Twitter . All of these applications are free and they also have the ability to Video Conference. At some point during the course of the project we would like to invite you into our classroom if you are close to the Texas Panhandle or via Video Conference to share your unique prospective of the health care field and allow our students a closer look at your profession.

So, let me thank you for your interest in The HSTE Project and I look forward to working with you over the course of this upcoming school year.

John Peters, EMT-LP
Health Science Technology Education Teacher

Contact Information:
Hereford High School
703 Grand Avenue
612 CT&E Building
Hereford, TX 79045

(806) 363-7704 Office
(806) 363-7709 Fax
Twitter : johnpeters
Skype: johnpeters1959
ClaimID: John Peters
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