The HSTE Project Concept:

The project will utilize available technology to teach the students how to use that technology in their study of Health Science Technology during the 2008 - 2009 school year. Students will analyze the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for their respective course of study:

Introduction to Health Science Technology
Health Science Technology 1
Health Science Technology 2

Students will then seek out Health Care Professionals first in Hereford, Texas then in the Texas Panhandle, then in the State of Texas, then in The United States and finally International Health Care Professionals and ask them questions which relate to specific TEKS. The students will then take these answers provided by the health care professionals and develop these into an Internet based framework to share with their entire class thereby allowing them to have a greater understanding of the health care field and their course study.

This collaborative project will allow the students access to real-world health care issues from practicing health care professionals.

The HSTE project will initially include students who are enrolled in Health Science Technology Education classes at Hereford High School in Hereford, Texas. These students will participate in the Hereford Student's Technology Endeavor

The name HSTE project name will have two meanings: First it is to be called the Hereford Student's Technology Endeavor; Second it also stands for Health Science Technology Education

HSTE Project Calendar

"In project-based learning, students work in groups to solve challenging problems that are authentic, curriculum-based, and often interdisciplinary. Learners decide how to approach a problem and what activities to pursue. They gather information from a variety of sources and synthesize, analyze, and derive knowledge from it. Their learning is inherently valuable because it's connected to something real and involves adult skills such as collaboration and reflection. At the end, students demonstrate their newly acquired knowledge and are judged by how much they've learned and how well they communicate it..." Tech Learning - Project Based Learning: A Primer .

Program Participants:
Classroom Teacher: Mr. Peters
Project Manager: 1 Senior Student
Assistant Project Managers: 2 students, either Juniors or Seniors to direct all sections of Introduction to Health Sciences and Health Science Technology 1 classes.
Class Leaders: 1 Senior or Junior Student for each HSTE Class (4 - 5 students selected by application).
Team Leaders: Team leaders will be a part of the HSTE class and will be responsible for leading a team of 5 -7 students.
HSTE Students; All students enrolled in Health Science Technology classes at Hereford High School, divided into class periods, and subdivided into Teams.
HSTE Project Partners, Health Care Professionals, educators or others interested in Web 2.0 technology or Health Science Technology education.
HSTE Parents

The HSTE Project Blog

Program Web 2.0 Tools (The list of Web 2.0 Applications will grow as the HSTE Project evolves)

Program Equipment:
Initially, there will be no need or additional equipment to implement this program. Use of the existing classroom computers and computer labs will be sufficient. At some future point, Macbook laptop computers would be useful in the classroom and for for the Program Manager, Assistant Project Managers and the 4 - 5 Class Leaders. This would enable these students the opportunity to continue their responsibilities outside of school.

Initially, the start-up costs will be none. It is anticipated that potential costs would be subscriptions to various Web 2.0 programs which although are open source applications, at some levels seek a monthly fee.

Funding sources such as grants or donations, will be actively sought to cover program and equipment costs.

Supporting Research

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Inspiration and ideas for the HSTE project were developed by reading The Flat Classroom Project and The Horizon Project 2008 created by Vicki Davis who blogs at Cool Cat Teacher blog, and Julie Lindsay who blogs at E Learning Jouneys, Marco Torres and his San Fernando Valley High School's SFETT Team,Ewan McIntosh who blogs at, Steve Hargadon , Wesley Fryer's Moving at the Speed of Creativity blog and his posts about Tools for Facilitating PBL, Jane Hart and her Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies website, Dr. Tim Tyson, Houghton Mifflin's Project Based Learning Space and other educator's weblogs.