This web page will be a placeholder where information about various videos that we use in our HSTE classes. I will put in resources, links to other education websites that relate to each video, and some short worksheets that may be used in class while students are viewing each video.

The Discovery Channel Dr. Oz Videos
You the Owner's Manual with Dr. Mehmet OZ
The Doctor Oz Files

National Geographic Videos
The Incredible Human Body
Inside The Living Body
The Science of Steroids
The Girl with Eight Limbs
Is It Real: Superhuman Powers
Swine Flu the Secret of Pandemics Video

Drama TV
Body of Proof


The Learning Channel (TLC) Videos
Body Atlas
Emergency Level One

PBS Home Video
Remaking American Medicine

In Debt We Trust

The Documentary Channel
The Healing Power of Flowers
Sound And Fury
The New Medicine
When Food Kills

Various Medical Videos
The Biology of Prenatal Development
A Matter of Life & Death
Mystery Diagnosis

Discovery Health Channel
Code Blue
Impact Stories of Survival
Dr G Medical Examiner

Full Length Movies
Something the Lord Made

Historical Television Shows

Mr. Peters Video Notes:
I have always enjoyed watching interesting medical television shows or movies. However, when I started teaching I found that most of the videos that were left by me predecessor, were 10 - 15 years old. I was always receiving offers to purchase medical videos from various companies however, most of them were priced at $200.00, $300.00 and even more in some cases!

In the spring of 2009, I was able to find some interesting medical videos online for approximately $15.00 each. I spent about $350.00 to purchase about 18 interesting videos to use in some of my classes. Then in the fall of 2009 I bought a Sony DVD Recorder.

There are many good and interesting television shows with medical topics which I thought would be great to show in class. I have been very pleased with the quality of the videos I have recorded and I think that my students enjoy it when I bring a new one into show in class.

Now for the disclaimer. My Health Science classes are not solely a video class. We still have objectives, in Texas they are called TEKS, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. We still work on various medical skills and academic pursuits, as appropriate for each class, but I do think that certain selected videos can enhance a particular area of medical study if used wisely and in conjunction with other course materials.

The video list above is not all inclusive, nor do I show all of these videos in class, it is just a placeholder where I can list videos that I find interesting and might eventually use in class at some point.

Fellow teachers, feel free to use these video resources. Students, watch, enjoy and try to learn something from viewing these videos.

Additional Videos:

To Your Health Videos
Johnson & Johnson Health Videos - YouTube
OR Live Surgical & Health Care Videos
State of New Jersey Occupations Videos