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Flat Classroom Project 2008 Notes - Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i Editing!!! This week and next week, through Friday, October 24, 2008 we really need to spend time in your team wiki (see below) making your contribution to your team's wiki development. Each person has been assigned to a team. Please "meet" your team members on the Ning, say "hello" and then move on to the Flat Classroom Project on Wikispaces and start working there.

Please take a look at the Timeline in Wikispaces and see where we should be.

Also take a look at the Diggo Flat Classroom Groups. This is basically a place where people can share bookmarks about research, resources and other things about the Flat Classroom Project.

All of the teachers in the Flat Classroom project had a virtual meeting on Monday and discussed many things. I have access to that recording if you are interested. The bottom line is that meeting generated a lot of questions and a lot of emails about how we need to go about working in the wikispace. I will go through all of the emails that I received and summarize that for you over the weekend.

Flat Classroom Project 2008 Notes - Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thanks to Mike M. and Pedro M. for coming to our meeting this afternoon. They will be working on a "Welcome to Hereford High School" video that we can place on the Introduction Wikispace page. I did put a few things about Hereford and the Texas Panhandle on this page on Sunday.

We still have to upload our introduction vidoes (See my notes on this below). I would like to have this done no later than Thursday, October 9th.

Remember, we do not have school on Friday for the Abilene Cooper game, or next Monday. I hope that all of you will spend a little time over the long weekend getting familiar with you Flat Classroom Topics and Wikis. If you have any questions about what group you are assigned to, look below next to your name or go to the Team Assignment Grid.

You might also want to "say hello" to your team members. Please remember to try to use proper spelling, punctuation and avoid IM Speak as those who speak English as a second language may misunderstand what you mean. A good resource for you to read is the Digiteen website.

Remember to have fun! You have a great opportunity to meet and work with students from all over the world, so make new friends and enjoy the Flat Classroom Project 2008.

Flat Classroom Project 2008 Notes - Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Flat Classroom Project Concept
The Flat Classroom Project is based upon the book by Thomas Friedman entitled The World is Flat. We will be working with students around the world to understand the Ten Forces that Flattened The World. What we are going to be researching and working on with our team members will be concepts that Mr. Friedman wrote about in his book.

From my perspective, if you will think about what the people in the world thought about the earth prior to Christopher Columbus was that world was flat and that you could sail a ship to a certain point and then you would fall off of the world. The people of the time really believed this. It was Columbus that proved that the world was in fact round and not flat and that is what he proved with his exploration and voyages to The New World.

Thomas Friedman in his book makes this basic assumption, with the advent of the internet and the World Wide Web, just as it was before Columbus, the world is becoming so accessible due to the powerful tools that are in the reach of everyone with a computer and access to the internet the world is once again becoming flat.

If you will read in chapter 2, the Ten Forces that Flattened The World, you will see what Mr. Friedman says contributed to the world becoming flat again.

If you go to the following hyperlink you will hear Thomas Friedman lecturing about the World is Flat.

Previous Flat Classroom Awards and Information

Team Assignments
The Flat Classroom Assignment Grid is where you will find your individual Assignments and your team members for the Flat Classroom Project.

Kelsey R. - Team 5A, Web 2.0, The Story Explaining the Topic (Wiki A) -Kelsey's Ning Profile
Veronica C. - Team 9A, Mobile and Ubiquitous, The Story Explaining the Topic (Wiki A) - Veronica's Ning Profile
Victoria B. - Team 1C, Connecting the World Online - Social Entrepreneurship (Wiki C) - Victoria's Ning Profile
Jordan M. - Team 3A, Workflow Software, The Story Explaining the Topic (Wiki A) - Jordan's Ning Profile
Pedro M. - Team 10B, Virtual Communication, Innovation, Invention, Prediction (Wiki B) - Pedro's Ning Profile
Mike M. - Team 8B PLE's and Social Networking, Innovation, Invention, Prediction (Wiki B) - Mike's Ning Profile

I have added your team assignments, hyperlinks to your Flat Classroom Project subject and the team wikispace page that you have been assigned to. I have also added a link to each HHS student's Ning Profile page. Please read what your team has been assigned to research and work on. You will be editing your team wiki, this will be your workspace that you will be sharing with all of your team members.

Essential Flat Classroom Project Hyperlinks and Resources:
Flat Classroom Project 2008 Wikispace Page
Flat Classroom Help
Flat Classroom Ning

Things for every student to do:
Be sure to read and abide by the Sharing Personal Information Guidelines about the Flat Classroom Project. If you have your first and last name on either your Wikispace or Ning profiles we will need to change that to first name and first initial of your last name please. Please remember that we will be working with people from other cultures and that what may be appropriate here in Hereford, Texas may not be appropriate or it may even be objectionable to some cultures, so please carefully think about what you put in your wiki or on your Ning page.

Read the Getting Started hyperlink and do what it asks you to do on the Ning.

I started a HHS group in the Ning, please join our HHS Group

Make an introduction video and upload it to the Ning, we can do this Tuesday in the classroom. You may use the hyperlink to see what other students have done.

Note on uploading introduction to the Ning: This is really easy, if you have any question please see Mr. Peters. This doesn't have to be difficult at all. If you do not have access to a video camera, we have a Flip Video Camera that you can use. I would like everyone to record a short, maybe 30 second video introducing yourself to everyone on the Flat Classroom Ning website. You don't have to worry about doing any editing, just a quick video.

After you have created your video we can save it as a .mov file and then upload it to a hosting service like YouTube or TeacherTube, I will have to upload it to TeacherTube because students can't have a TeacherTube account. If anyone would like to check into SchoolTube this might work as well. I normally try to stay away from YouTube due to alot of reasons, the number one reason is it is blocked at most schools and the second reason is some of the videos are of questionable content for students.

Get Parent Release Forms and have them signed.

Read the PDF file below about Flat Classroom Concepts.

Make a short Hereford High School Video

I would like to for all of you to get together and make a short video about Hereford High School. You may use one of the Flip Video Cameras that we have. We could show the school buildings and whatever you want to show off about the school or about you the Flat Classroom students.

We could post it to the School Information Page on the main Flat Classroom School Page . I would like to complete this early during the week of October 6th - October 10th. We don't need to produce the Perfect video, just a good one that we can post this week. This will be very easy to do. Anyone who would like to volunteer to work on this please let Mr. Peters know.

Flat Classroom Permission Form

This is the Parent Permission Form that every student will need to fill out and have their parents sign and then return to Mr. Peters.

Flat Classroom Concepts Document

This PDF file has some good information about the Flat Classroom Project.