Dentistry which is a part of a in the branch of medicine that is evolved in the evaluation diagnoses prevention and surgical or non-surgical treatment of diseases disorders and conditions of the oral cavity, maxillofacial are and the adjacent and associated structures and their impact on the human body.

Dentists are also doctors who prevent diagnose and treat mouth gum and tooth problems. The Dentist also treat tooth decoy fill cavities have x-rays of the jaws and the bones in your then take them and examine them and they also put caps and crowns on the kids baby teeth or people who still have baby teeth.

According to the dental association the average general dentist made $185.000 in 2004 by 20010 it should me much higher. The Dental specialist makes $315.000 a year. That pay is so good. I am pretty sure that the orthodontist gets paid more than the dentist but I am not quite sure. There can be a possibility that some dentists get paid more than orthodontists. The average dentists work about seven to nine hours a week and about seventy-five dollars an hour.

Now that is not the best pay but people will survive with that money that they are making. They bring in about but they really do not work a lot so they just get paid about $600
a week. There is a whole lot of schools that offers dentistry. You do not need a bachelor’s year but it would be really good if you did have one.

Tyler Rhodes
Chrystal Rincon