Heather Gavina


Psychologists study the behavior of people and animals in an effort to understand, compare, and explain why they act and respond in certain ways.

Area of specialization- counseling

Why I Want To Be A Psychologist
I think I would enjoy a career as a
psychologist because I like working with people. Talking and interacting with others has never been a problem for me. People always tell me I ask to many questions and I think that could be a petty good trait to have as well.

Training and Certification
Training can last from a 4-year bachelor’s degree to an University of Michigan, Ann Arbor-year doctoral degree. To become certified the person applying has to have a doctorate or in some cases a masters degree form an accredited university with training in the area of intended practice and pass a licensing exam.

Top 10 Colleges that offer Psychology
10. University of California in San Diego
9. University of California in Berkley
8. University of Pennsylvania
7.U of M Twin Cities
5.University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
2.University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Work Environment
You might work alone or with social workers, other psychologists, with psychiatrists or other physicians.
You might work in college classrooms, hospitals, correctional institutions, clinics, private offices, schools, businesses, and government agencies.

Money and Outlook
Texas Earnings
Average Annual Wage- $57,040
Average Entry Annual Wage-$34,970
Experienced Annual Wage-$79,570
Average Hourly Wage- $27.42
The Annual number of job openings is very small. 25% of Psychologists are self employed, which is 4 times higher than the average for other professional occupations.

Faith Trevino.
Psychologists study the human mind. Reviews records to obtain information on medical, psychological, emotional, or other problems. Helps clients to gain insight, define goals, and plan actions to achieve effective personal and social development and adjustment. They try to explain why people act the way they do. Their work environment may vary by subfield and place of environment.
A doctoral degree is required for a individual practice. A doctoral degree requires 5 years of full-time graduate study. Job openings for psychologists in Seattle are high, which, is even better for me. Psychologists who have their own practice need a license from the state they want to work. A license requires a certain education, work experience, and passing a test. The average yearly salary ranges from 35,000 to 102,000.