Nurse Practitioner

A nurse is an advanced practice nurse. They obtain medical histories; perform physical examinations; diagnose patients with chronic diseases; order and interpret lab tests and x-rays; provide health education and disease prevention strategies with the public. They prescribe medications and medical treatments.


While they refer patients to physicians when necessary, nurse practitioners may practice independently through a written protocol or document established with their collaborative physician. Nurse practitioners can work in diverse settings including hospitals, etc. Applicants must have completed a BSN and hold an RN license prior to applying to a nurse practitioner program. Texas requires a nurse practitioner to be Master’s prepared, and then the practitioner must pass a certification exam.

They can go to Texas Tech University Health Science Center, or any other collage that you can study medicine. Then you can go into a nurse practitioner program and also to a Professional Associations school.A salary for a nurse practitioner is $57,000- $75,000 Annually and a $27.40- $36.06 Hourly Range. The length of training for a nurse practitioner is 6+ years. The outlook for a nurse practitioner is three and a half stars.


I think I would want to be a nurse practitioner because I like helping people and also because I am interested in just being able to care for other people. A nurse practitioner gets to make the patient feel like he or she can be comfortable like if they were at his or her own home. I would like to become a nurse practitioner, and maybe set my goals higher and become a physician and open up a clinic, but for right now I want to become a nurse practitioner.




Doctors of veterinarian medicine protect the health and welfare of animal. They control animal diseases, treat sick animals, prevent. The transmission of animal diseases to people and advise owners how they can properly take care of their pets and livestock. You have to have your DVM’s if you work in a private clinic practice or in academic. Setting may become specialists in surgery, anesthesiology, ophthalmology, radiology, and nutrition. If the veterinarian has their DVM’s they can pursue 20 specializations with an additional 21 sub-specializations available.


Some veterinarians may work in a private health team or as part of a veterinary health team. Or if they treat livestock or pets usually work in a veterinary clinics and hospitals. The amount of training for them to become a veterinarian is 6-8 years of training you at least have. To have 6 years of college with at least two years of pre-veterinarian study and four-year veterinarian medicine program. There are 27 colleges of veterinarian sciences in the United States and some. Degrees are available as well ad joint DVM/MS and DVM/PhD degree programs. Texas requires that veterinarians be licensed to practice private clinical medicine. They must pass one or more for the national examinations and state examination for license. some educational programs are available at Texas A&M University college of Veterinary Medicine. Veterinarian make about 52,494-94,875 annual and 25.59-45.59 hourly range.