Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

The kinds of Urinary Tract Infections
Mild Urinary infection
Simple bladder infection
Kidney Infection or more serious


You have burning or feel pain when you urinate.
You feel like you have to urinate often but yet you dont have

that much urine when it comes out when you do.
Your belly feels heavy or tender.
Your urine is cloudy or smells bad.
You have fever and chills.
You have a pain in one side of your back under your ribs.
You have nausea and vomiting


Sexual intercourse may introduce bacteria into the urinary tract, Especially in women.
Catheters which are small flexible tubes inserted into the bladder to allow urine to drain, are a common source of bacterial infection in people who are hospitalized or live in long-term care facilities.

Antibiotics taken by mouth usually recommended because there is a risk that the infection can spread to the kidneys.
A simple bladder infection will need you to take antibiotic for 3 days just women or 7-14 days men .
Bladder infection with complications such as pregnancy or diabetes, or a mild kidney infection that is harder to treat you usually take antibiotics for 7-14 days.
You have to finish all the antibiotics even if your feeling better, people who don't finish their medicine may develop an infection that is harder to treat.

Common Antibiotics

Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, amoxicillin,augmentin ,doxycycline, and fluroquinolones,Pyridium is the most common type of drug.

Who is most Common to get (UTI)
Women are especially prone to UTI's for reasons that are not well understood yet one women out of five develops a UTI during her lifetime.
Men are not as common as in women but can be very serious when they occur .

Places you can go to if u think
you might have (UTI)

Ambulatory care visits to physician offices, hospital outpatient departments, emergency departments department of health and human services.

Causes of (UTI) in ChildrenA problem in the urinary tract, called vesicoureteral reflux,which is usually present at birth , this condition allows urine to flow back up in kidneys.Brain or nervous system illnesses that make it harder to completely empty the bladder.Bubble baths or tight- fitting clothes (girls).Changes or birth defects in the structure of the urinary tract.Not urinating often enough during the day.Wiping from back to front after going to the bathroom in girls this can bring bacteria to the opening where the urine comes.

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